Kouri Project


The Kouri Project (formerly called Korongou) covers an area of 57km2. It is located 230km NE of Ouagadougou, in the highly prospective Lower Proterozoic Birimian “Samira Hill” greenstone belt. It is traversed by a significant NE-trending fault splay which is connected to the major Markoye Fault system. This fault system controls a number of major gold deposits in Burkina Faso, including Kiaka (5.9 Moz gold), Bomboré (5.2 Moz gold) and Essakane (6.2 Moz gold). The mineralised fault system extends into western Niger where the 2 Moz Samira Hill is located.

More than 20 gold mineralised, parallel, NE-trending shear structures have been identified in trenches, pits and drilling within a 1km wide corridor in the eastern portion of Kouri. The mineralisation lies in a package of highly altered volcanic and volcanoclastic host rocks and is associated with a major auger gold anomaly and a prominent 6km long dilational structural jog along a regional NE-trending shear zone.


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